Bringing in the hay

by kfrego

One of my earliest and treasured memories was notable for severe itching and scratching as a three year old.

My uncles farmed the family farm with horse drawn equipment. The hay was cut and placed in windrows to dry. The horses pulled a hay wagon with a hay loader tagged behind to load the hay. The team of horses methodically followed the windrows with my uncles calling out directions to them as the hay was loaded and thrown forward on the wagon with pitchforks.

They perched me high on the rack at the front of the wagon, secured by a tied diaper. The reins were tied in front of me and guess who thought they were driving the horses? Each time they gave a verbal command I yanked the reins. Then my memory goes to the chafe accumulated on my back which was torturing me with itching. A good flushing under the hand well pump fixed the itch.  My first memorable adventure.