A sturgeon party

by kfrego

As we move forward you will see frequent references to my step father during my toddler and adolescent years. My father was killed in WWII a few months before my birth. My step father is the only father in my memories. He loved to hunt and fish.

During the late spring the sturgeon would run from the St Lawrence river up the Grass river to spawn. At night people would bait fish or spear them as they made their run up the river. My next post will elaborate on some other unique methods used.

A considerable disturbance in the kitchen woke me up one spring night. My step father and his brothers had been fishing. The kitchen floor was covered with a canvas tarp. In the middle of the tarp was a dressed out sturgeon which extended nearly the full width of the kitchen. The beer was flowing in celebration of the catch. Each person was busy as the steaks were cut, skinned, cleaned, and wrapped in freezer paper.

My first impression of the scene was total bewilderment. The fish was amazing. Big, ugly, smelly, and responsible for a great party. Makes me very grateful for this retained memory.