by kfrego

The winters in the north country of New York are known for their severe cold and miserable storms. They are also the host of some of the most beautiful scenes you can imagine. The serenity and calm of some of these winter scenes provide lifetime memories regardless of your age. Northern lights, full moons over snow covered landscapes, the cleanliness of a fresh new snowfall, and the intense silence of an extremely cold night are a few of these memories.

While walking to school on a clear, cold, sunny morning with my sister Sharon we encountered one of these memorable scenes. The night had been very cold and everything was covered with a deep frost. The trees, power lines, rural mail boxes, and cars all shimmered in the early morning sunlight. The snow crunched under our shoes as we walked. We had to cross a bridge on our way to school.

As we walked across the bridge all the railings and parts were reflecting the sun through the heavy frost which had accumulated during the night. While looking down at the mostly frozen river the frost on the railing looked good enough to eat. When my extended tongue attempted to lick the frost it immediately froze to the bridge rail. Every move made to get my tongue free caused the frozen area to get larger. What a sight it must have been to see this dumb school kid stuck to the bridge railing with his tongue. It sure wasn’t funny on my end of that tongue. It seemed like eternity, but eventually with the use of fingers from both hands, my tongue was peeled from the bridge rail. The frost and bridge railing kept a thin layer of skin from my tongue.

As we continued to school it was very painful to touch my tongue anywhere inside my mouth, swallow, or breathe with my mouth open. Even my saliva caused severe pain. The memory of the shining frost, the fear when getting stuck, and the several days of pain has prevented me from ever doing something that stupid again.

A lot of thought went in to whether this post should be included with my other adventures. The reason it’s here is because anyone born and raised in the north country winters has probably suffered something similar while growing up. Perhaps this post will bring some of the readers memories to the surface.

There is nothing as pretty and enticing as a frost covered piece of metal……….and nothing more stupid than touching it with your tongue.