by kfrego

We had some family friends in Spokane who had no children.  Their home was an apartment in a converted hotel near downtown Spokane. A visit to their apartment was always a great adventure for all of us kids.

The building had no lawn and everyone parked in a paved parking lot. The original old neon HOTEL sign was still in place and turned on at night. The ceilings were very high in the hallways and apartments in the hotel. The doors to the apartments were high also. They all had a tip out window above the door.  The whole interior of the old hotel was very ornate, clean, and polished.

Our friends lived on an upper floor in the hotel and their apartment faced the street. It was a great big deal to ride the elevator up to their floor and down again when leaving. When we traveled our family normally stayed in motels or places with cabins so we could have cooking facilities. We very seldom went any place that had elevators. The creaks, bumps, and jerks of the old elevator just made the ride all the more interesting to us.

We loved to stand at the windows, enjoy the lights, and watch the traffic after dark. The neon sign lights, headlights, tail lights, and reflections off the roofs of the cars were well worth watching. This was something we had never been able to observe before and it was fascinating. The occasional pedestrians also added to the show. All five of us kids spent a lot of time enjoying the sites from their windows while the grown ups visited. It was a small adventure, but remains a wonderful memory.

That old hotel had a lot of class………and you could always hear the elevator bumping and jerking between floors.