Elk: By A Pigs Ear

by kfrego

Our family was very close  to the family of Keville and Gladys Williams. We had five children and they had four. We lived in Spokane and they lived on a 40 acre farm near the town of Elk, WA.  Keville and Gladys had a milk cow, a couple beef steers, a pig or two for pork, chickens, and a big white german shepherd named Prince.

Prince had the run of the property and was always in close proximity to any children playing outside. He loved everybody and had a wonderful personality and disposition. Prince had one bad habit. He liked to chase any deer that trespassed on his property. Keville often worried Prince might get shot by a passerby if they saw him chasing deer. He would run the deer for a half hour and return home. To our knowledge Prince never caught or harmed a deer.

Keville had a pole log enclosure with a small shed in it for a pig pen. All of us kids would take the pigs fresh things to eat. We would give them grass, weeds, discarded vegetables, or what ever we could find. We would stand outside the pen to feed the pigs because we weren’t allowed in the pen. We were never allowed to give the pigs grain.

One nice summer day several of us kids were playing in the area behind the house. Prince wasn’t far away. One of the pigs got out of the pig pen. We hollered for Gladys as soon as we saw the pig. The pig associated us kids with getting food and headed our way. Gladys and myself made an attempt to chase the pig away from the smaller kids. We weren’t concerned about the pig intentionally hurting anyone, but it could easily knock the smaller children down.

Prince came running and got between us and the pig. He methodically tried to herd the pig away from us and back to the pig pen. The pig had food on it’s mind and these were the people who normally had food. Prince and the pig were having a pretty good contest. Finally Prince had enough playing and decided it was time for the pig to go back to the pen. He charged the pig with a ferocious growl, jumped right on top of it, and bit down on the pigs ear. Prince never gave up his bite while dragging the squealing pig back to the pig pen. We ran and opened the gate into the pen and Prince dragged the pig right inside. The pig was exhausted, but not hurt. He couldn’t squeal anymore.

Prince really impressed me that day……..but not near as much as he impressed that pig.