ELK: Buicks and Bucks

by kfrego

Experiences involving deer were very common on Keville and Gladys’ farm in Elk. One of my outstanding experiences happened while riding my bicycle on the paved road half a mile from the house. It was mid afternoon on a mostly overcast day. Gladys sent me to the country store about a mile from the house. Both sides of the road were lined by fenced alfalfa fields. The fences were well maintained barbed wire fences. The fields were each a quarter of a mile wide.  My speed was slow and leisurely while enjoying the open spaces and calm day.

My eyes caught a movement in my peripheral vision. A buck deer with a nice rack of horns was running towards the road in the field on my right. The deer wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t any Bambi neither. Under normal conditions the deer would see me on the bike and run away. These weren’t normal conditions and this deer was converging on me and the fence pretty fast. The deer never slowed at all. When he reached the fence he laid his head back, tucked his legs under and behind him, dove right between the strands of barbed wire, and never broke stride. One moment it looked like the deer didn’t even see the fence. The next moment he was through it. The deer went between the strands of the fence on the other side of the road the same way. One thing for sure, that deer was on a mission. It probably never saw me as it concentrated on the fence. It’s hard to believe the deer went between the strands of the fences………….but the barbed wire still hums when recalling this adventure.

Keville and Gladys had a black 1948 Buick. It was huge and heavy. Gladys and her sister were returning home one night when they hit a buck deer with the Buick. They backed up and loaded the deer into the trunk. Were they ever excited. Just wait until they get home and show Keville what they had in the trunk. They parked the car in the driveway and rushed in to get Keville. ” You’ll never guess what we have for you in the trunk. Get your flashlight and come and see”, they chuckled as they headed to the car with him. Keville had no idea what was in the trunk.

Keville turned the key and lifted the trunk while holding the flashlight in the other hand. He caught just a glimpse of the buck deer as it knocked him to the ground, jumped over him, and headed for parts unknown. Gladys and her sister couldn’t believe what happened. Their prize was gone….. but the memory will stay forever.