…….Do as I say.

by kfrego

Our family dentist was young, friendly, and great with kids. He had not been out of school very long. He was recently married and owned a home on Lake Ontario. He asked me to do some yard work for him at his home. It was a good way to earn some money and spend a little time on the lake. We got together at his home in the morning before he left for work. His wife was also very friendly. She walked with us as he lined me out on the work for the day. He would be home for lunch and they both wanted me to join them.

Most of my work was weeding and removing grass which had overgrown the lily beds in their front lawn. They had recently purchased the home and the landscaping needed some attention. The soil was hard and dry, but once an area was opened up my progress would move right along. His wife checked on my progress once in a while and was real happy with my work. Lunch time arrived and she told me he would be home soon. Little did I know the memory this lunch would become.

My hands, arms, and face were well washed and all my clothes were tucked in and neat for lunch. This was the first time ever having lunch with my dentist and his wife. It was important for me to make a good impression on them. They catered to me like I was a celebrity or somebody important. There was an extraordinary amount of food for just three people. When she asked what I preferred to drink my immediate response was milk. Could you really say anything else when you’re sitting at your dentist’s table for lunch? When she asked him the immediate reply was Pepsi. I must have looked bewildered. She explained he didn’t drink milk.

My dentist who preached to kids every day about proper diet, hygiene, and brushing. How could he not like milk? That is contrary to everything in the world that is right. My wonderful lunch with these two very nice people had turned into a huge contradiction of my image of a dentist. It got even worse when she pulled out desert after lunch. He enjoyed cookies with his Pepsi. After lunch he headed back to his office to treat more children with dental care. We shared many work days and lunches as my work continued for them.

Maybe my expectations were too high for my dentist………….or maybe he was just a wonderful normal person who just happened to be a dentist.