Maniac Lady

by kfrego

One thing most people have in common is a bad experience with a dog. Everybody has been chased, bit, or had a near miss with someone’s dog. Most of my experiences while growing up were minor incidents. There is even an old adage:  The first time you get bit, Damn the dog. The second time you get bit, Damn you. One of my experiences was a great adventure that happens once in a lifetime.

It was a Friday afternoon about six o’clock. I was on my bicycle enroute to a friends house to go to the stock car races.I was passing a cluster of homes on the left side of the road. All the houses had fenced yards with gates facing the road. People were out in their yards enjoying the evening weather. Out of nowhere a big german shepherd dog jumped one of the fences. In two bounds the dog cleared the road, locked his jaws on my thigh, and knocked me to the ground while still on the bicycle. He dragged me away from the bicycle and was flopping me around like a rag doll on the shoulder of the road. Suddenly this screaming maniac lady comes charging across the road with a four foot two by four and starts beating the dog. Every time this screaming maniac hit the dog, it felt like he was cutting my leg off. The dog finally decided my skinny body wasn’t worth the beating and the screaming. He let go of my thigh. She was still beating him as he cleared the fence back into their yard.

She apologized and looked at my leg. All of my effort was dedicated to getting on my bicycle, getting away from her, and making the races. My leg was sore, my pants were tore, and my clothes were dirty. During the races my leg grew stiff and swollen. All my body wanted was to get to bed when my friends family dropped me at home.

Dad had a fit when he saw my leg and heard the story the next morning. He was really upset because that maniac lady never offered me a ride or called my parents. In twenty minutes we were on her front porch with the dog going nuts in the living room. The lady put the dog in their basement, provided the rabies information, and received a stern warning from Dad. He told her if he ever saw the dog off from their front porch he would kill it. Even if it was in their front yard. He showed her his rifle in the car.

I often wondered if maybe that german shepherd was insane………… the maniac lady who owned him.