Colberts Farm again

by kfrego

Charlie’s daughter was married to a school teacher. They would spend the summer in one of the guest houses. The teacher really had no business on a farm. He worked under the herdsman doing odd chores and tasks where he wouldn’t get in trouble. One of his chores was to clean the show cattle pens. Most of them were prize cows and one of them was a big prize bull. The pens were all whitewashed walls with pipe partitions. The pipes were about 8 inches apart vertically with a horizontal pipe top and bottom. The partitions were high enough to prevent the show cattle from getting their heads over the top. Every precaution was taken to prevent the stock from getting cuts or scratches which might leave scars. Scars would really decrease their value. All of these cattle were pampered and spoiled. They were groomed regularly, never allowed to get dirty, and generally had on a halter and lead rope when out of the barn. They weren’t above creating an adventure once in a while.

One of the first lessons explained by the herdsman was to never get in a position where the animal has you between their head and the pipe partitions. The teacher learned this all to well one morning. Several of us were painting and repairing fence near the show barn. The teacher was cleaning the bull’s pen and would come and go with the wheel barrow every few minutes. He always got teased and joked at by the full time help, but took it in stride. Who cares when your father in law is extremely wealthy.

We all dropped our tools and ran towards a blood curdling scream coming from the barn. It was one of those screams that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. The screams were coming from the bull’s pen and it wasn’t the bull. The herdsman was running just ahead of us. He motioned for us to slow down and be quiet as he opened the gate into the pen. The bull had the teacher pushed up against the pipe partition and was rubbing his head up and down on the teachers chest in a slow easy motion. The teacher couldn’t move and screamed in panic. The bull was itching his forehead and wasn’t about to let a little screaming ruin his head rub. The herdsman walked up and gently pushed the bulls head aside while telling the teacher to stop screaming. The bull wasn’t the least bit concerned by all the commotion. He enjoyed his head rub. The teacher wasn’t hurt, but didn’t realize it for several minutes. He was shaking like a leaf in a summer breeze.

The teacher had a near miss and it was hard to tell who was the biggest baby…………….him or the bull.