Snow Bound

by kfrego

While home on leave in the winter I drove my Mom’s 1962 Chevy Impala. Myself, Kenny Thompson, and several others headed out of Lyon Mountain for a night of live music, dancing, and partying at Brodies in Plattsburgh. It was snowing lightly as we left town, but no signs of any storm. We got to Plattsburgh and stayed at Brodies until the band played their there last set. It had been a good time with lots of drinks, laughter, and just enjoying life. You couldn’t party all night in Plattsburgh without catching a burger at the Orange Julius before heading home. It was the wee hours of morning as we headed home. There was about six inches of fresh snow in Plattsburgh with no wind. Just a pretty winter night.

When we hit Dannemora Mountain there was better than a foot of new snow and the plows had hit both lanes going up. Just as we broke over the top of the mountain the road wasn’t plowed on our side. There was a good sized berm of snow right across my lane where the snowplow turned around. I let off the gas, hit the berm, drifted to the right, and stopped in about two feet of snow on the right shoulder. We were stuck and high centered on the hard packed snow. The best we could do was wait for the snowplow. No use getting excited, they would be back before four thirty when the Lyon Mountain ladies went to work at the hospital. A couple of the girls weren’t too excited about our situation. They had never been stuck in the middle of the night a couple miles from nowhere.

The snow plow showed up a couple hours later. They were happy to pull us out as long as we hooked up the chain. They pulled us back onto the plowed road, joked about whether we could get home or not, and left. We knocked the snow off the grill, I put the car in gear, and the car followed the same tracks right into where we were originally stuck. The car never turned a bit. Oh well, the snowplow would be back because only half the road was plowed.  A half hour later the crew on the snowplow cracked up when they saw the car back in the same hole. We lifted the hood and found the front of the engine and the wheelwells packed with snow. The fan and power steering belt was off. We left the belt off, drove to the town supervisors shop at Chazy Lake, got the car inside, and used their tools to put the belt back on. We got everybody home before any lights were on.

We were never in any danger on Dannemora Mountain…………all the danger was in not getting home before the parents were up.