Boston: The Banker

by kfrego

While working in Boston Linda and I rented the upstairs apartment of Mrs Garvey in Marlborough, MA. Our son Jamie was less than a year old. We kept our home in Hinsdale, NH and frequently returned for weekends and holidays. Mrs Garvey was an old time Italian lady. She spent most of every day cooking enough excellent food to feed a dozen people. She was always sending us plates, bowls, and pans of excellent food. She loved having Linda and Jamie for tenants. She was loud, out going, and not the least bit concerned about speaking her mind. She was also a loving, caring, and compassionate women.

Mrs Garvey was a widow. Her older brother was very disabled by parkinson disease and lived in her home. Mrs Garvey was constantly attending him and taking care of his needs. He would have been confined to a nursing home without her. Her brother Vinnie was a serious confirmed alcoholic. Mrs Garvey seldom had many praises for him, but kept an eye on him when possible. Vinnie was a happy drunk and if you came in contact with him when he was half in the bag it was always fun. He always joked about being the black sheep of the family. He had a great personality. I always enjoyed his company. No pretenses, just a genuine good person who happened to be a drunk.

Mrs Garvey’s youngest brother was a complete asshole. He was the opposite of Vinnie. He was staid, talked down to everyone, and snobby. His position as vice president and manager of a small branch of a big bank went straight to his head. His wife drove school bus part time and he spoke to her like she was a bank employee. Even his little children were uppity. Mrs Garvey forewarned me about the banker before meeting him. During a family birthday at Mrs Garvey’s the banker was trying to impress me of his importance and status. He acted like he never talked to a person who made a real living. Sure enough, as the conversation progressed, the subject of money came up. Vinnie sat on the side listening to our conversation. The banker always ignored him. The banker was a little perplexed as to how I could afford a home in New Hampshire, a new car, and rent Mrs Garvey’s apartment without Linda working. He nearly had a hemorrhage when he found out my income was considerably more than that of him and his wife. When he stammered about being a vice president at the bank and not making that much income Vinnie slapped his thigh and broke out laughing. Soon Mrs Garvey was enjoying the bankers distress too. The banker never talked down to me again.

Mrs Garvey had a brother in law who was a physics professor at MIT. His hobby was making wine. They were a great family. Loved his wine and hospitality.

Unlike the banker I don’t look down on anyone………………….and I’m pretty picky about who I look up to.