A Trip For Donna

by kfrego

My first job out west was in Spokane, Wa working at a mining and mill supply company. We rented a home in northeast Spokane. In the spring Linda’s sister Donna, her husband Lee Atkinson, and Lee’s brother Raymond drove to Spokane with the pick-up we had left behind. They would return by airplane from Spokane. Linda was overjoyed at having Donna and Lee visiting our new home. Raymond was probably ten or eleven at the time. We made some fishing trips while they were in Spokane.

While fishing at Bead Lake for cut throat trout our four year old son Jamie dropped his new Zebco childs fish pole over the side of the boat. You could watch the white sparkle from the pole as it slowly sank through the crystal clear water. Jamie was pretty upset about the loss of his new pole. In order to keep him busy I cut a 12 foot piece of nylon leader, put on a size 16 hook, and baited it with a salmon egg. We tied one end to the oar lock. Jamie could play with it all he wanted while we fished. We prepared to leave and as we started rowing the boat Jamie claimed he had a fish on his hand line. Sure enough, three of us fishing with good poles got skunked by a four year old with a piece of leader and one salmon egg. It was a nice cut throat trout.

The next weekend we were after rainbow trout at Jump Off Joe Lake north of Spokane. The trout were good sized and biting often. We were close to having our three limits. Raymond was putting a trout on the stringer at the rear of the boat. The stringer got loose from him. All our trout went shimmering to the bottom of the lake. Raymond looked like he had been snake bit. Not a thing he could do. We caught enough fish while they were still biting for an excellent supper. Of course they weren’t as big as the ones we lost.

We took Donna, Lee, and Raymond to Starbuck, Wa. My nephew David was getting married and Uncle Bob and Aunt Ida were renting a trailer in Starbuck. We camped in our tent and fished for trout above Little Goose Dam on the Snake River where Bob worked. Raymond climbed the side of the canyon as we settled in camp. David’s evening wedding was a small affair with friends and family. It was a wonderful week end. Donna was nervous as a cat Sunday evening pending her first airplane trip. Donna, Lee, and Raymond caught their flight home on Monday afternoon.

Donna never dreamed she would see the state of Washington………but she had nightmares about flying home.