by kfrego

In early March of 1978 I received a phone call from Daniel International who had a large construction project mobilizing in northwest Virginia. Many of my old supervisors and crew from previous jobs were on the project.  I accepted a superintendent position on the project. Tom Miller’s silver mine was progressing on a second tunnel several hundred feet away from the tunnel which had caved in. Tom accepted my two weeks notice. He hated to see me go and thanked me for the good work. A few days later Daniel gave me a purchase order for Atlas Van Lines to move us from Idaho to Virginia. They would come in, pack us up, load, and deliver everything we owned to Virginia. Within a week Pat McCoy, an old friend from Massachusetts, had located and rented a home for us in Covington, VA.

Linda and I had made several one day moves on our own with all of our vehicles and the kids. Traveling from Idaho to Virginia was a little different. We arranged to have my mother fly out so she could accompany Linda on the trip. When we departed Linda drove our station wagon and I towed the pick-up behind our camper bus. The weather was sunny and warm as we crossed Wyoming headed east. Our camper bus had mechanical problems just outside of Kemmerer, Wy. We stayed at Little America, Wy while searching for repair parts with no luck. A local car dealer allowed us to store the bus for no fee. We left the bus and continued with the pick-up and our station wagon.

We followed a winter storm across eastern Nebraska and into Iowa. We made it to Iowa City, Iowa passing numerous cars and trucks stuck or wrecked from the sleet and ice. Once settled into the motel, Linda and Mom had to go out shopping for dinner. They also had to buy everything we needed to celebrate Easter at the motel. After our three children retired for the night it was time to hide the eggs and set out the baskets. This was an Easter we would never forget. The date was March 26 1978. After having the kids Easter and attending church we were back on the road headed east. The scenery was spectacular with the mid morning sun shining down on everything covered with an inch of crystal clear ice. Cars and trucks still littered Interstate 80 for the next sixty miles. Linda threatened not to drive another mile in Lexington, KY as we drove from Iowa City to Covington, Va. We were all tired. Our furniture was all ready in the house when we arrived.

Tuesday morning i went to the job for my physical and indoctrination.. The doctor took one look at my back surgery scar and said I wasn’t eligible to work on the project. You should of seen his face when I told him the company hired me as a superintendent by phone and moved us to the job from Idaho.  It didn’t take me long to meet all the big brass on the job.

The back surgery turned out all right………..nobody wanted to write the purchase order moving us back to Idaho.