The older a person gets the more removed they become from their earliest and most profound memories. We get caught up earning a living, raising a family, enjoying life, and a million other things. Being in my late 60’s, my early memories are of a different world and a different time than the world of my children and grand children. This is true of all generations.

I have lost people who were very significant in my life. Once they passed, their early memories and experiences vanished with them. Some of the highlights of their memories were randomly shared, but the majority of them were never told. It is not intentional, we just get so caught up in today, the past gets left behind.

It would be wonderful if everybody could live a life like mine. Not without tragedy, but with the ability to see thru or past the hard times. Not perfect, but able able to stand up and be proud of who and what I am. I want my friends and family to get a look at my memories through the years while I am capable of recalling them. My significant memories are mostly adventurous and have some humor, because the tragedies and negatives have never been allowed to become a dominate part of who I am.

My blog is a recollection of my outstanding memories. Hopefully, it will inspire others to share their memories.